Kyle is a nationally-recognized photographer who has shot everything from Little League games to awe-inspiring sunsets to professional sporting events in a career spanning three decades. Kyle has photographed for several national magazines, including five cover shots for Sports Illustrated, and has won numerous local, state and national photojournalism awards for his work as a staff photographer with the Sun Newspapers in Cleveland. He has also been the official photographer for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers since the 1991-92 season.

But it is Kyle’s knack for capturing life’s rich moments -- whether they be painful, amusing or heartwarming -- that has defined his style. "I always enjoyed the way Norman Rockwell told a story in his paintings. He painted moments and experiences everyone can relate to and enjoy and I try to incorporate his style in my photography.” Kyle has a deep, almost spiritual fascination with nature and the elements of the sky -- sunsets, sunrises and cloud formations. “It just amazes me,” he says. “Only God can create something that no man can imagine".

David's portfolio is a sampling of images from his experiences as a community photojournalist, sports and nature photographer.

By Ken Wood

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