Shear Strength Cleveland is a photo essay that incorporates Cleveland's past strength through industry that has long been overlooked. David Liam Kyle captures abstract rustic geometric shapes of industry design in his photographs. The mechanical muscle that once was the strength of Cleveland that slowly turned to rusted steel. Using close-ups, dramatic lighting and different perspectives DLK captures the raw steel strength in artful compositions.
Newer images are also displayed as our city evolves with new growth.

It’s easy to complete your decor by hanging your new DLKP fine art print in your home or office. Feel free to email David with any orders or inquiries.

Fine Art Price List
Signature Premium Lustre Prints
16" x 24" Print $350.00
20" x 30" Print $495.00
24" x 36" Print $595.00
30" x 45" Print $750.00

Signature Vivid Metal Prints
20" x 30" Vivid Metal $945.00
24" x 36" Vivid Metal $1100.00
30" x 45" Vivid Metal $2000.00
40" x 60" Vivid Metal $3200.00
Prices do not include shipping.