DAVID LIAM KYLE PHOTOGRAPHY | David Liam Kyle's: Story Behind the Shot - Cavs Victorious Return!

David Liam Kyle's: Story Behind the Shot - Cavs Victorious Return!

June 20, 2016

I am at the IX Center to shoot Cavs player arrivals and the photo positions were not very good. We have to shoot from a seven foot high podium and over a fence about 100 yards away. We will be between the fans and the plane. Not an ideal situation. We are also not permitted to stand on the podium until twenty minutes before plane arrival. There are 20,000 fans waiting anxiously to see the team arrive. I was the second photographer to climb up on the podium and as I look out over the crowd to compose a photo, everyone is looking at me. And I see a mass of enthusiastic smiling Cavs fans. After photographing 25 plus years of Cavs games and 1500 NBA games it finally sinks in that this Cavs NBA Championship is for real. I am not dreaming. I start yelling YEAH! YEAH! And pump my fist several times. A common reaction from my playing days when I scored and got fouled. I was surprised but happy my emotions took over. Something I have never done in all my years as a photographer. The crowd responded. When my enthusiasm calmed down I grab this shot. Hope to see you at the parade.

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