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My Classic Hoop Collection

July 19, 2017

David Liam Kyle - Classic Hoop CollectionDavid Liam Kyle - Classic Hoop Collection Over eighteen years ago I came across an old hoop attached to a garage that stirred a feeling in my soul. Not realizing why, I grabbed a photo. Later I realized it reminded me of the fun times I had playing ball as a kid on Meadowbrook Ave in Cleveland. We had some great times playing 3on3 or 2on2 with my buddies... the Aber and Reppa brothers along with Bob Russell. Playing ball at every level I have fond memories and appreciate the purity of the game at it's simplest form...the back yard hoop. That first hoop photo lead me to seeing classic hoops as art. I began photographing more hoops, but only hoops that I felt there was a passion for the game. My personal love for the game as well as photography turned into my Classic Hoop Collection. Years ago I was featured nationally in several major sports outlets and since then my project has been copied by numerous other photographers and sports news agencies. Hope you enjoy my hoop images!

David Liam Kyle Thank you for visiting my blog page and I hope you enjoy my "Story Behind the Shot" series.

David Liam Kyle