Over twenty years ago I came across an old hoop attached to a garage that stirred a feeling in my soul, not realizing why, I grabbed a photo. Later realizing it reminded me of my old neighborhood hoop and the great times as a kid growing up in Cleveland.
Having played ball at every level I have fond memories and appreciate the purity of the game at its simplest form...the back yard hoop.
This first photo lead me into seeing classic old hoops as art. I began looking and photographing more hoops, but only hoops that I felt there was a passion for the game. I knocked on doors for permission to photograph their hoops. Meeting people and hearing their hoop stories was more interesting than photographing the hoop. I even played and shot around a bit with a few families.
My personal love for the game as well as photography turned my idea into my Classic Hoop Collection. Years ago I was featured in several sports media outlets including SLAM and Sports Illustrated. At the time I didn't realize the power of social media and how popular my Classic Hoop photo essay would become.
As an artist I am honored to be the original creator and widen people's vision as seeing old hoops as art. Love the thought that my idea and vision brings back hoop memories to so many people.
View my original hoop photos at ClassicHoopCollection.com
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