©DAVID LIAM KYLEAutumn Reflections

"Autumn Reflections"

While on assignment for the WRLC the rain began to fall heavily so I packed my gear and headed for home.  I decided to swing by a local lake on the way to check the fall foliage. When I arrived the rain stopped but it was getting late.  I grabbed my camera to scout for areas to photograph for another day.  No one was around because of the rain and the sun had already set.  The lake was calm and I loved the tranquility.  It was totally peaceful.  I quickly grabbed my tripod before it was too dark.  The light was dropping and I took several images with long exposures to compensate.  I went back for several days to try and capture an even better image but the conditions and mood were never the same.  I love this one the best.  I hope you can feel the tranquility and appreciate the beautiful colors of Autumn Reflections as I did when I captured a glimpse of nature and a fraction of God's artwork.
David Liam Kyle