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©David Liam

I am NOT claiming to have invented the selfie, but I do know that I'm glad I took a few "Long Arm Shots" to document some great memories.

I've taken hundreds of thousands of photos over my photojournalism career, and I've never thought about organizing a "Long Arm Shot" collection. Many of the Long Arm Shot negatives are filed away with other assignments, and I gave most of the prints away to the people in the photo. I did, however, save a few of my favorites that you might enjoy.

All these photos were taken between twenty five to thirty three years ago. A lifetime for many. I hate to say my new friends can't even recognize me. They all say..."is that you?"

Note: I took all Long Arm Shot photos with my left hand because I could hold the camera more securely and press the shutter release easily with my thumb. Since the the camera was completely manual I would set the exposure ahead of time. While holding my Nikon FM2 in my right hand I would extend my left arm in front of me and focus on my hand. Then switch camera to my left hand, extend my arm, aim and click the shutter. Easy!
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